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As it happens, we know that vacuum solutions are only used to some extent in industries handling materials such as coke, coal, and steel – that is to say, the industries you probably work in. We also know that you want to focus on your production and that you hate downtime caused by dirt. Really, there’s no need for hesitation.

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No material is too hot to handle really.

We know...

The real cost of dirt

Dirty work spaces and factories cost. Equipment breaks down and demand more frequent service, insurance premiums can go up because of increased risk for fire and accidents. And even more important: all employees value a clean working environment.

That dirt is a safety problem

Dust is identified as a potential explosion risk factor and must be handled accordingly. At Disab, we guide our customers in these matters to help them avoid the risk of explosions and other safety problems that can come from a dirty work space.

That dirt can hurt people

For many industries, excess material and dust comes from the production process - contaminating the air people are forced to breathe. It’s not a healthy situation, bad for lungs and the respiratory system. This can be avoided with a state-of-the art cleaning system.

Mattias Pettersson

Technical Sales Manager +46 (0)702141695